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(Original publish date: Nov 23, 2009)

The definitive WordPress theme for 2010. Buddymatic is a highly extensible Theme Framework for WordPress & WordPress MU blogs including BuddyPress enabled home and member blogs.

This framework features 13 widget-ready areas, drop-down menus, grid-based layout samples, plugin integration, shortcodes for your footer, & a whole lot more. BuddyPress functionality is integrated into the framework and activated when BuddyPress is detected. Perfect for any blog or WordPress MU site, Buddymatic is based on Thematic by Ian Stewart and works with Thematic child themes. Buddymatic includes 2 BuddyPress ready child themes: Coffee with Friends by Daisy Olsen and a Buddymatic Sample Child Theme ready for customization.

Update Dec 7, 2009
  • Fixed missing jQuery scripts on a couple sections
  • Added user bar & option bar on all profile pages
  • A few CSS tweaks on content I missed earlier
  • Added external forum link if enabled
Update March 7, 2010
  • Beta support for BuddyPress 1.2
Update March 8, 2010
  • remove warning when adminbar disabled
  • tweak CSS on login wdiget at top of sidebar
  • make the adminbar 100% width in the admin area
  • Beta support for BuddyPress [download#5]

Belarussian language translation by Marcis G..


  • Brian says:

    Good work, very close to what I was looking for, just having problems getting the integrated bbpress in buddypress to show up. Any advice?

  • Alvaro Illanes says:

    You have a Guide To Customizing The Buddymatic Theme Framework?

    Best Regards

  • Ron says:

    Brian – Are you referring to the Forum link that is on BuddyPress.org. That link goes to a bbpress install that is separate from BP.

  • jean-luc says:

    Fantastic. It would be great if you can have a walk through or a screen share footage on how this can be used…

  • Ron says:

    On this site we will be featuring free themes that are available. We are planning a companion site where we might be able to do that. Can you be more specific as to what you are looking for?

    Also, we will be featuring child themes for Buddymatic as we have time to create and/or tweak them.

  • mashengky.com says:

    look like thesis to me.. :) thanks for sharing

  • Brian says:

    Thank you very much for your work over the past week or two. I’m testing out the new version as I type and it is looking good.

  • Robbie says:

    Hi Ron & Andrea,

    Thanks for this theme. My problem is that, i am not a programmer, and I have no clue how to configure the theme background, and all the details (except the widgets area), so can you make an option page for the theme? or a FAQ how to configure it? (I am using WPMU and introducing myself to buddypress)

    I think an easy options layout would be great!

    thanks for all the info!

  • Tom says:

    Thanks for creating this theme. The URL I provided is my first foray into WordPress/WPMU/BuddyPress development, and your theme framework was more helpful to me in customizing BuddyPress than I can express with words.

    I do have one question – in the members and groups listing templates, are the alphabetical buttons in the index at the top just a stub, or are they supposed to work somehow with jQuery?


  • teros says:

    Can you tell me what file to edit to remove the forum link ? It shows up when the forum is integrated (via buddypress) and not external and creates 404 error. The newer version of bbpress with buddypress appears to only be useable via “groups” pages.

  • Gooch says:

    I am enjoying your theme quite a bit, it says any child theme of thematic are there any links to child themes of thematic, secondly I am hacking away at the css code and getting to a happy place, but i cannot seem to get a banner image in the header, it has a branding div i can see but I cannot get an image to show? I do have a background imageencompasing the entire screen but i thought it should sit ontop of the background, anyways if anyone has gotten an image banner working maybe you could enlighten me thank you in advance for your help


  • Ron says:

    Try looking at the Early Morning child theme (http://freebpthemes.com/themes/early-morning/). It adds images to the header area. Otherwise, look at the CSS of any WP theme that has a header image.

  • Pat says:

    Hi. Great theme.

    How can I put the NavBar on the left?

    Thanks for the help!

  • Ron says:

    In style.css change

    @import url(‘library/layouts/2c-r-fixed.css’);


    @import url(‘library/layouts/2c-l-fixed.css’);

  • zipyourmix says:

    Awesome theme!
    We’re gonna build on this 😀

  • Andrea_r says:

    There are a lot of plugins for WordPress that allow you to add these options to any theme, like theme tweaker.

    Or this plugin:

  • Marc says:

    fabulous work — thanks! — but if would be nice to have a snapshot of where the various widget areas are. (like in Joomla — too bad wordpress doesn’t have that). Any thoughts on how to get that (other than filling text widgets into all the available areas)?

  • Francis says:

    Hello Ron,

    Your template has rocked my world. I am a student, so I can’t afford premium template. Thankfully I’ve found this.

    If I may ask you some questions.

    1. I am dying to put:

    img {
    border:1px solid #CCCCCC;

    I tried everywhere on Stylesheet (style.css) but nothing has changed on the image.

    2. Why should I do to move date and time position to the left side of the post?

    Thank you and thank you so much again.

  • Thomas says:

    first of all thanks for the fantastic buddymatic-theme, i like it very much.
    I have a question about implementing the new post-thumb funktion in wp2.9.
    Especially about the php-hirarchy of buddymatic-theme. It seems to be different from other themes?
    I cant find the loop for the categories, where i have to place the get-thumbnails code.
    Can you tell me in which php.-file an at which place i have to place the code ?
    thanks a lot for help

  • Ron says:

    If you wanted that CSS to apply to images in the post entries, then you would change the CSS in /library/style/images.css. This is what’s there now (line #7):

    .entry-content img {
    border:1px solid #CCCCCC;
    margin:0 0 18px;

  • Jeff says:

    Thanks for the theme contribution. I am just starting to play with WPMU & BP … and ran across a bug. This affected my install of WPMU into a subdirectory of my document_root. Clicking on the ‘Log In’ button produces a 404.


    Line: 39

    The PHP code should be changed from :

    root_domain . ‘/wp-login.php’ ?>


    – Jeff

  • Jeff says:

    Oops. Of course my PHP tags scewed up that post.

    The fix is in library/extensions/buddypress_extensions.php

    Line: 39

    The PHP code should be changed from :




    – Jeff

  • stephan says:

    great theme, very helpful for those who don’t like to spend hours stripping out other themes’ HTML and CSS to replace it with their own.

    I ran into a small problem you can hopefully help me with: I added WP-Cycle plugin to display an animated set of images just under the drop-down menu.

    Now unfortunately the cycle hides the drop-downs. Where would I go to fix this or should I look for another cycle plugin?

  • Ron says:

    I’ll be looking at updating buddymatic to WP 2.9 in the next couple weeks.

  • Ron says:

    What version of BP & MU are you using?

  • Ron says:

    You should look at the z-index of the conflicting elements. A smaller number makes the element show in front.

  • stephan says:

    thanks, Ron, I now have it working…

    you’re right about the z-index although finding the places to fix was a little tricky…might as well post this for everyone’s benefit:

    The wp-cycle plugin writes its own style element into your page where the image rotation is going to go, and because it didn’t have its own z-index value it was basically overriding my z-index values for the drop-down menu, which I defined in the CSS files earlier in the document.

    To fix, hit it from both sides: add a z-index value of 1 for the wp-cycle style (which I had to write in the plugin file itself, it’s the last section of code on the plugin PHP file) and a z-index of 10000 for the menu style.

    happy new year!

  • Jeff says:

    Hi Ron,

    I am using WPMU 2.8.6 & BP 1.1.3

  • Ron says:

    Is your install in a subdirectory of the site?

  • Jeff says:

    Yes, it is in a subdirectory. I’m fixed and running. Just wanted to point out the change that I needed to make.

  • SPFK says:


    This is a great theme! Thank you and congratulations :)

    I get this error message on the homepage : Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant BP_GROUPS_SLUG in /homez.307/platinah/www/wp-content/themes/buddymatic/library/extensions/buddypress-extensions.php on line 109

    Would you know the reason? Thank you again :)

    Kind regards,


  • Gary Smith says:

    I can’t seem to get my installation of Buddymatic to show comments on static pages. Am I missing something? I have comments on static pages set to show in all the right places from the admin area. Help? Comments? Advice?

  • Ron says:

    on the pages you want comments add a comments custom field to the page. Give the custom field a value of true.

  • Christian says:

    Is there any reason to do it this way? Or can we change a line in the static pages template to use the Allow Comments checkbox?

  • admin says:

    Have a look at the comments area on single.php. Find the same area on page.php. :)

  • buddythematic saved my life says:

    Hey Andrea I see your avatar everywhere I go to read up in info! This theme is awesome. However, I had to ask just so I’m prepared, will you be upgrading this to fit 1.2?? THANKS!!! keeup up the good work.

  • Ron says:

    Yes, I will be updating it to BP 1.2.

  • bruno prandi says:

    Hi Ron
    First of all I wan’t to say that Buddymatic is simply beautiful. I was looking trough nearly all templates for WordPress and this is the ONE.
    Maybe my question is a laugh but i’m a absolute newbie on wordpress. I would like to put a image in the header above the menu. Which one of the many files included do I have to put the URL to the image in?
    Thanks and keep on with your great work.

  • bruno prandi says:

    okay, i found a way! thanks anyway.

  • Ron says:

    If you want to make an entire image clickable add the img tag inside the a.

  • Alexandre says:

    Thank you!
    Ran into this problem, started investigating a bit but I’m not enough of a coder to be able to troubleshoot this. This change worked for me.

  • christie says:


    Thank you for creating the buddymatic theme. I am trying to find out if it is possible to increase the width of different parts of the page and I have not been successful.

    Is it possible to increase the width of the page and the widht of the text widget???

    Thank you,


  • John Lindsay says:

    can you tell me how you did it please?

  • Ron says:

    If I were going to do that I would use CSS. Use a search engine to look for tutorials on setting an element’s background to an image.

  • Ron says:

    Yes, you can do that. I suggest you look at using FireFox and an extension called Firebug. It will only take you a few minutes to find the places you need to tweak the CSS.

  • Christine says:

    Just noticed that the theme was updated yesterday – is it now compatible with BuddyPress 1.2?

  • Ron says:

    I’m going to try to get to this in the next week or so.

  • GeorgWP says:

    Very nice work.

    In buddymatic/_inc/ajax.php:286 there is a period instead of a comma between the string to be translated and the textdomain. The domain shows up in the string to be translated.

  • Ron says:

    Thanks very much for doing translation files for themes and plugins. (And for reporting back the issue.)

    When Buddymatic is updated to 1.2, the ajax.php file will be replaced with one that works with the template structure in BP 1.2.

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  • MFC says:


    I also like buddymatic but I also have the same problem with buddymatic, wordpress MU and Buddypress 1.2.
    Where do you think the problem is coming from?
    Thank you,


  • Anticipation says:

    Hey, I am looking forward to 1.2 Compatibility !! hope it comes out soon ~

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  • Erwan says:

    Buddymatic isn’t ready for buddypress 1.2 yet
    So you have to install buddypress 1.1.3 instead

  • Dennis Whiteman says:

    Excited about Buddymatic with support for BuddyPress 1.2. I’ve been waiting to start on a personal project until this was almost baked…

  • dave says:

    just downloaded the beta and seems to be working a treat. good work! can I suggest adding a separate class to the secondary navigation bar to allow for easier (upgrade safe) styling?

  • Technonow says:

    How do I change the theme options to three columns?

  • gary says:

    Just to update you on the beta. I get white screen of death with latest wmpu 2.9 and buddypress 1.2

  • Ron says:

    You don’t need the BP template pack plugin when using buddymatic. Deactiate & remove the plugin before activating Buddymatic.

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  • Tom says:

    Eeek! Need urgent HELP!

    I just installed this theme and activated it… now my site is gone, including the admin interface. Does anybody know how I manually activate another theme using MySQL?

    I was using Thematic and the Thematic Power Blog Child Theme with Buddypress installed before I activated this one…


  • Tom says:

    Um, ok, I manually reset the theme by changing the fields “template” and “stylesheet” in the “wp_options” table in MySQL. Admin and site are back… phew!

    Are there any known conflicts with Thematic and its child themes?

  • garyd says:

    I got the info: buddymatic goes into /plugins/bp-themes/ , while the child themes go into the standard wordpress theme.

    I Guess the problem that I have is that when I activate the theme, none of the options work “friends” “groups”, etc. But they work well in the bp-default theme.

  • garyd says:

    What folder do I need to upload the buddymatic folder into? WP Themes or bpthemes folder? Also, do the child themes then go in the same place? Thank you for the help.

  • Ron says:

    Buddymatic is Thematic with a few extra functions and the BuddyPress templates. If you did something like make Thematic a Buddymatic child (or visa versa), you would get that result. Also, if you are running the BP template pack, you MUST remove it before activating Buddymatic.

  • Ron says:

    I’m not sure where you got the instructions to put it in the bp-themes directory. The only theme that should be in the bp-themes directory is the bp-default theme.

    Buddymatic should be installed in the themes directory.

  • Chinese Kitchen says:

    Hello, does anybody know how to customize the blog description ? It seems the tagline makes the default blog description, even after I used “All in one SEO” plugin to change the description, it is still unchanged.



  • Ron says:

    Edit the tagline in Settings -> General. The blog description is the only place the tagline is used.

  • Chinese Kitchen says:

    Thank you for your comment, Ron

    Actually I want to set a different site description than the tag line for SEO purpose. So my confusion is how to make a customized site description in this theme.


    Liu Xu

  • Marcis G. says:

    Hi, I want to translate your theme into belorussian language. Please tell me Your email, simply answer me to email

  • Jenny says:

    I installed BuddyPress 1.2.3, and activated BuddyMatic0.9.6.4. The theme shows up but BP components are are functional, all components under My Account menu can’t be click through, click any of them will go to home page.
    BP default theme and other BP themes work fine on my site. So, I’m quite sure I don’t have any plugin conflict with BP.
    Do I need to do any step more than “Activate” to make BuddyMatic functional?

  • Gail says:

    i am new to wordpress and just installed wpmu 2.9.2 with buddypress 1.2.3 and buddymatic. Unfortunately i get an error across the screen as follows: “Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant BP_HOME_BLOG_SLUG in /home/mammoth/public_html/equestria.net/wp-content/themes/buddymatic/library/extensions/buddypress-extensions.php on line 107” Can you shed some light on why this is happening please?

  • Ron says:

    Read the entire post above. You have the old version of Buddymatic.

  • Ron says:

    Did you try the default BP theme and see if you get the same result?

  • linusf says:

    I have a version: of buddymatic, is there a newer one? I think I get the same error as Gail

  • linusf says:

    “Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant BP_HOME_BLOG_SLUG in D:Serverxampphtdocsblogwp-contentthemesbuddymaticlibraryextensionsbuddypress-extensions.php on line 107

    Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn’t find constant BP_BLOGS_SLUG in D:Serverxampphtdocsblogwp-contentthemesbuddymaticlibraryextensionsbuddypress-extensions.php on line 110”

  • Ron says:

    Per my response to Gail –

    The link for the current version is in the post you are leaving a comment on. PLEASE read the post.

  • Ron says:

    Buddymatic is in process of being merged into Thematic, so I haven’t looked at the theme with a recent version of WP 3.0.

    However, if I were going to try to find the problem I’d look for plugins or customizations in the child theme. ~500 people have downloaded the theme. You are the first person to report that problem, so it’s highly unlikely that it’s Buddymatic.

  • Darren Case says:


    I am using Buddymatic with Buddypress 1.2.3 and WordPress 3.0.beta1. I am developing a custom child theme for a client. I am experiencing an issue with Buddypress AJAX requests such as updating my status or replying to items in the action stream. The request are generated with no problem, however, there is no response from the server. When I switch to the default Buddypress theme, the AJAX functions work fine. There are no errors being logged, and Buddymatic appears to register the AJAX functional hooks in the same way as the Buddypress default theme. Any advice on how to go about debugging this? Is it possible that the bp_dtheme_post_update() function is not being registered correctly?

    Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.

  • Darren Case says:

    Thank you for your response.

  • Darren Case says:

    Just to follow up in case anyone does have this issue in the future, if I rename the bp_dtheme_post_update() function and add it to the ‘wp_ajax_post_update’ hook in my functions.php file, my AJAX requests get a response from the server again. Obviously, I don’t want to rename and duplicate every AJAX function, so I will continue trying to figure out why this is happening and hopefully post a solution soon.

  • @reallyjeannie says:

    oh I’m so new at this. Can anyone help me out with a header?

  • Anne says:

    Um…I didn’t read this until I activated the Buddymatic theme. My site is gone now. (It would have been nice to know this through a ‘read me’ file with the downloaded theme!) How do I get my site back now???

    Please help ASAP. Thanks!

  • Anne says:

    Nevermind – I was able to follow Tom’s guidance above. Big WHEW!

  • Ralph Bartlett says:


    I’m new to WP and BP and am finding my way around slowly. I have successfully implemented WP3.0 with Thematic and have been able to set up a child theme and make a few modifications.

    My problems start when I introduce BPand Buddymatic into the mix…

    I’m starting with a clean WP3.0 installation, installing BP, changing the permalinks, and then installing the default BP theme. Everything works. Then I install and activate Buddymatic and I find that several of the pages that worked under the default theme simply don’t work in Buddymatic.

    For example, when I select members under the default theme the url is http://mydomain.com/members and this works. If I activate Buddymatic it trys to find http://mydomain.com/members but then simply redirects to the home page – http://mydomain.com/

    This happens to every page I try to select except those I’ve created myself in the dashboard. I’m sure this must be a simple setting I’m missing somewhere, but after searching for hours I’m still stuck.

    I set up a local development environment to see if I could get things working there but I have exacly the same issue.

    This is a real disappointment for me. It really looks like Buddymatic would provide the ideal starting point for me to learn more. I can’t believe that it doesn’t work out of the box, so I assume I’m missing a really simple but vital step.

    The other thing I have found is that the redirection to the home page only happens in Firefox – I noticed that in IE I get 404 not found instead.

    I’ve tried asking in some of the other forums but have had no help yet. I’d really appreciate any help you could give me.

  • Ron says:

    Did you download the latest version of the theme from the link in the post?

  • Andre says:

    Can you give any insight into when the BuddyMatic/Thematic merge will be complete and be compatible with WP 3.0?

    Thank you,

  • Ralph Bartlett says:

    Hi Ron,

    I downloaded and installed directly from the WP dashboard – version

    I think this is the same version.